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What is the Warranty on Aeratron Ceiling Fans?

Aeratron ceiling fans come with a 12 month in home warranty for the remote control and receiver, and a 3 year in home warranty for the motor of the fan. See more here.

Energy consumption and efficiency

What makes Aeratron Ceiling Fans so efficient?

Aeratron fans are rated ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2013-2022 Aeratron earned this rating through a commitment to engineering the most elegant, energy-efficient fans, with:

Patented self-balancing system: a patented swiss-engineered self-balancing system keeps the fan from wobbling, reducing energy consumption by up to 80%.

Organic blade design: unique two-and three-dimensional blade designs with signature winglets ensure an even airflow and optimal efficiency.

DC motor technology: Aeratron motor technology has been engineered to deliver maximum output with minimal power consumption.

How much energy do Aeratron Ceiling Fans consume in comparison to traditional fans?

Aeratron Fans use up to 80% less energy than a conventional ceiling fan.

How can Aeratron Ceiling Fans help me save energy during the wintertime?

All Aeratron fans have a reverse function that circulates warm air back towards the floor without directing a chilly draft at you. The reverse airflow causes an even air and temperature distribution in your room, boosting heating system efficiency to save energy and money. Testing showed our fans reduced the energy consumption of heating systems by 50% during winter (operating in conjunction with an existing heating/AC system).

Control and lighting

Do you provide a remote control with your fans?

All of our fans come with a modern RF remote control which allows you to control the fan’s speed (6 speeds), reverse operation (to improve heating system efficiency) and light (when the optional LED Light Kit is selected).

Can I use a wall switch to control the fan?

Yes. Our optional switch controller (available from our Accessories) connects to various switches (we recommend the help of a certified electrician).

Do Aeratron Ceiling Fans come with lights?

All Aeratron Fans can be fitted with the optional LED Light Kit. You can select this as part of your fan order or separately via our accessories pagehere.

Can I control my fan via my phone?

Yes. You can control WiFi-ready fan models with optional WiFi Module Via the Tuya Smart app. The App allows you to automatically start/stop your Aeratron fan based on temperature, location and time, or voice control when integrated with Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Download the Tuya Smart app via:

Apple App Store >

Google Play Store >


Do I need an electrician to install my fan?

All Aeratron fans are designed to allow an easy installation. However, we always recommend seeking the help of a certified electrician.

What is the minimum ceiling height for a fan to be installed?

Under New Zealand standards, the minimum height from the floor to the lowest part of the fan needs to be 2100mm.

If your home has a standard 2400mm stud height, all our ceiling fans can be installed directly onto the ceiling and comply with New Zealand standards.

Can I install Aeratron Ceiling Fans on a raked/sloped ceiling?

The Aeratron Raked Ceiling Kit will allow you to easily install any Aeratron fan on raked ceiling's up to 33°.

Do I need an Extension Kit for my Aeratron Ceiling Fan?

An Aeratron Extension Kit is used if the Aeratron Ceiling Fan is being installed on an angled ceiling of less than 17°. The Extension Kit is also used on high ceilings. We recommend that any ceiling height of 3100mm or more utilise an Extension Kit.

The kit itself comes with a 140mm and 900mm extension rod which you can cut to size, and all of the other required parts, including canopy covers and specialised brackets required to install the extension rod correctly.

How far away must the fan be from air-conditioning outlets?

The ceiling fan will need to be installed at least 1 metre from the blade's tip to the nearest vent or air-conditioning split system. If the fans are installed any closer than this, it can cause air that is being pushed out of the vents to rock the blades back and forth.

In some cases, a noise also develops because when the fan is turned on, the constant air being pushed directly on the blade set will cause it to make air movement sounds.

Can Aeratron Ceiling Fans be installed outside?

No. Due to the lightweight design, the Aeratron fan range is not suitable for outdoor use in any structure that does not have four walls. Aeratron has found that the blade set weighing less than 1.5kgs is susceptible to the wind, which can place extra strain on the internal components and also cause the fan to become unbalanced.

The term outdoors relates to:

– Patio Areas

– Deck Areas

– Any outdoor structure exposed

If the fan is installed outside a dwelling and does not have four solid walls surrounding it at all times where it is protected from wind damage, the fan will not be covered under warranty.


Do I need an isolation switch?

We strongly recommend using isolation switches when installing your DC ceiling fans, especially for dwellings with more than one ceiling fan installed.

The reason for this is to put the receivers into pairing mode. To do this, the power to the fan needs to be turned off, and when power is restored, the receivers in the fan automatically go into pairing mode. This allows you to reprogram your ceiling fans yourself.

If isolation switches are not installed, an electrician may need to be called out to reprogram the ceiling fan(s) if there is more than 1 in the dwelling.

Are Aeratron Ceiling Fans compatible with home automation systems?

Aeratron Ceiling Fans are compatible with most home automation systems including CBUS. Contact us to find out more about your options.

What is the Voltage and Wattage of an Aeratron Ceiling Fan?

The voltage of the Aeratron Ceiling Fan is 110-240V, and the wattage varies depending on the model of the fan. For example, the 2-blade model depending on blade size and speed setting, will range from 4.4W-19.8W, whereas the 3-blade model will vary from 4.4W-22W.

The voltage of the light kit is 240V.

Can a DC ceiling fan be powered by solar/off gird power systems?

No. Aeratron Ceiling Fans have inbuilt transformers requiring 240V to power the internal electronics, and solar power is not a sufficient power source.

This means you will need a mains 240V power source to operate your ceiling fans.

Does the Aeratron wall controller require 240V?

No. The wall controller is voltage free. If power is connected to the wall controller, it will blow the wall controller unit and also the receiver in the fan.

What does the gas warning mean on the Aeratron box?

The warning label on the Aeratron Ceiling Fan box is for homes that have been hermetically sealed; this is most common in America and colder climates. We issue this warning because if there is a gas heater or wood fire in the room that is running when the fan is also running, the fan will circulate the CO2, and it can cause respiratory issues.

How do I reprogram my Aeratron Ceiling Fan?

Depending on the installation of the ceiling fan, there are a couple of different ways to reprogram the fan.

Click here to find out how to reprogram your Aeratron Ceiling Fan.


What size should I buy?

If you’re not quite sure which size is right for you, refer to our size guides. They’re located underneath the available sizes for each of our products.

Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?

Providing you with a safe, secure shopping experience is paramount to us. We use the Shopify Payments gateway to process online orders, which accepts all major credit cards.

Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.

Does anyone else see the information that I provide to Aeratron Fans?

We take your privacy seriously. Please read ourPrivacy Policy, which describes how your personal information is collected, used, and shared when you visit or make a purchase from

Shipping, returns and exchanges

How can I pay?

Providing you with a safe, secure shopping experience is important to us. We use the Shopify Payments gateway to process online orders, which accepts all major credit cards.

Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.

Your billing information should be exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. We cannot process your order if any numbers are different. Make sure you correctly spell city/province/territory names and avoid using abbreviations (unless this is how your information appears on your statement). If you’re not sure what your exact billing address is, please contact your financial institution for clarification.

Where do you ship from?

Your order will come to you from our warehouse in Auckland.

Can I track the delivery of my order?

AnswerYou will receive an email from us once your order is on its way. This will contain a tracking number and a tracking link—simply click on this link to view the most recent tracking information.

What is your shipping policy?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order. Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information. Shipping fees are non-refundable in the case of returns.

How do I return or exchange a product?

Please view ourReturns Policyfor how to return or exchange a purchase.

What if I received an order with broken items or my package is missing?

If your product was delivered damaged, please contact us at and provide a photo of the damage. On confirmation of the damage, we will arrange for the product to be collected, and the damaged product will be replaced.

If your product is missing, please first double check around the property and with your neighbours. If this cannot be found, please contact us at, and we will try to track the item through our shipping provider.

We cannot send a new product until the original has been confirmed missing, and are unable to assist for damaged and missing products outside the 14 day return policy timeframe, and without a photo of the broken or damaged product.

Please view our Returns Policy for more information.


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