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Ceiling fans offer a range of advantages often overshadowed by other air conditioning methods. From enhanced lifestyle and comfort to substantial savings and positive environmental impacts, explore the wealth of benefits derived from Aeratron Fans' innovative design and engineering.

Energy saver
Experience energy-conscious engineering at its finest: Rated Energy STAR® Most Efficient, our fans harness state-of-the-art DC Motors to deliver an impressive 80% reduction in energy consumption.
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Virtual silence
Shhh... Enjoy silent air movement thanks to Aeratron's unique blades. With a patented aerofoil design, their winglets distribute air without the noise and turbulence experienced with competitors' fans—up to 75% quieter.
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Perfect balance
Aeratron's DC motor and patented Swiss-engineered self-balancing system keep the blades in a steady, aerodynamic equilibrium, eliminating the noisy wobbling that’s typical of conventional ceiling fans.
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Natural cooling
Aeratron Ceiling Fans promote comfort with natural cooling through convection and evaporation, creating a wind chill effect that makes you feel 4°C – 8°C cooler.
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Effortless control
Automatically control your fan based on temperature, location and time via the Tuya Smart app—integrate it with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for hands-free voice control.
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Cost savings
By facilitating seamless air circulation alongside air conditioning or heaters, Aeratron elevates overall efficiency, potentially leading to substantial energy cost savings of up to 50%.
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Three Models to Choose

Available with WiFi-ready models with WiFi Module.