Buyer's guide 📕

There's a fan for every space - Find your perfect match in 5 simple steps:
Assess your Ceiling Height
If your home's ceiling is a standard 2.4 m or higher, you can install an Aeratron Ceiling Fan while meeting NZ standards—the minimum height from the floor to the lowest part of the fan needs to be 2.1 m.
Assess your Ceiling Type
High Ceiling? We reccomend getting an Extension Kit if your ceiling height is 3.1 m or more.

Raked or Cathedral Ceiling? You will need a Raked Ceiling kit that adapts our fans to fit ceiling pitches between 17°-33°.

Extension rods are also included.

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Select a Model and Colour
Our three models all deliver exceptional airflow—so you can pick based on design preference. If you want best-in-class performance, we recommend our AE3+ model, closely followed by AE2+, then FR.
Select a Size
43 inches/1092mm = 2.5 m x 2.5 m coverage. Recommended for smaller bedrooms, walkways, and home offices.

50 inches/1270mm = 4 m x 4 m coverage. Recommended for living and dining spaces, kitchens and bedrooms.

60 inches/1524 mm = 6 m x 6 m coverage. Recommended for open floor plans, workshops, and shared office spaces.

Select Accessories and Upgrades
Pick from a range of functional ceiling fan accessories and upgrades to improve the convenience of your fan, including LED Lighting Kits for two-in-one function, Wall Switches, and a WiFi Module to unlock voice control and mobile operation (not compatible with Series 1 fans).

Have questions about our range or need some help planning for your space?