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Aeratron Ceiling Fans

Taking cues from nature, enjoy cooling comfort, energy efficiency and virtual silence all in one.

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AE3 + Series
From $1,065
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AE2 + Series
From $995
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FR Series
From $935
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As aesthetic as they are functional.

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Why Install a ceiling fan?

From silent cooling to reduced energy costs, discover the benefits of Aeratron Ceiling Fans and why they're the best on the market.

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our fan. It is so quiet and an absolute godsend in this summer heat. What a brilliant product!
— Homeowner
Fantastic! The electrician, builder, & friends cannot believe how neat it looks but mostly how quiet it is. It fits in to the decor wonderfully and is so refreshing.
— Homeowner
The fan we purchased has been an amazing experience, it gets so many comments on the beautiful sleek design and performs amazingly.
— Homeowner
We have the fan set up in our bedroom and it makes zero noise and produces beautiful cool air flow making sleeping a breeze in the hot Auckland summer. Absolutely love it!
— Homeowner
With the fan running on upward-flow direction, we don’t have to have the heating on for anywhere near as long as before. The result is a very comfortable feel to the environment.
— Homeowner
Enjoy silent cooling
Reduce your energy bills