About Aeratron

Designed in Australia by a Swiss-German engineering team

and assembled by hand in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Taiwan. The result is a collection of elegant, energy-efficient, award-winning fans, including a Gold at the International Design Awards in the USA and an Australian International Design Award.
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Taking cues from nature,
Aeratron is the latest innovation in aeroneautical design.

Drawing inspiration from the powerful glide of Australia’s Wedge-tail Eagle (AE+ series) and Frigate Birds (FR series), Aeratron is the latest innovation in aeronautical design.
Their two and three dimensional airfoil fan blades create noiseless, smooth airflow across wide angles, cooling more of every room while using up to 80% less energy than a conventional fan.
Their commitment to being a responsible and ethical company is more than skin deep. From compostable packaging and biodegradable components to the thoughtful consideration given to every aspect of fan development and distribution—good citizenship and intentional design is central to the company’s DNA.


Aeratron represents the outcome of a dedicated partnership aimed at achieving one goal: a seamless integration of technology and the environment through innovative design, enriching everyday experiences. The product line embodies simplicity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, prioritising overall efficiency.
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